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Fast food yoga - commodifying the sacred

Commodification of Yoga
In recent years, a plethora of new 'yoga styles' have emerged. Many have extraordinary names such as: ‘Voga’, ‘Tequila Yoga’, ‘Playboy Yoga’, ‘Glow Yoga’, ‘Rage Yoga’, ‘Chocolate Yoga’, and ‘Baked Yoga’ (for stoners).
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Which style of yoga?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking for a while that you’d like to try out this yoga thing that everyone else seems to be doing and talking about. You’ve finally made your intention to give it a go.. Continue Reading »

A few thoughts on yoga mats

Whilst this post may not lead you directly towards samadhi or enlightenment, it may however save you a few quid when you come to purchase a new mat.Continue Reading »

Origins of modern yoga

A summary of notes from a study day at Heythrop college with guest speakers: James Mallinson and Suzanne Newcombe.Continue Reading »

Warning: Yoga may seriously improve your health!

There’s been a lot of talk this week about the alleged dangers of Yoga practice...largely sparked by an article written in the New York Times by Mr Broad, who last week talked on BBC radio 4 in a programme entitled “Can Yoga Kill you?”

Ok: well, not surprisingly, this has got a lot of Yoga folks in a bit of a stew! So much has been said by so many that there is not a great deal I can add..except that i just can’t help myself, so here goes!Continue Reading »