James Russell Yoga

Teaching Approach

© James Dylan Russell 2018
James teaches a holistic approach to yoga that draws from the yoga paths - aṣṭâñga yoga, haṭha yoga and Bhakti & Karma yoga. Holistic means that every part of the individual is interconnected and can only be fully understood within the context of the whole. In terms of a yoga practice, the whole being is nourished and balanced through the integration physical, mental and spiritual self-development.

As well as learning how to do the yoga postures (asanas) you will have the opportunity to learn about breathing techniques (pranayama) purification techniques (kriyas), meditation (dharana & dhyana), deep relaxation (nidra) and also the underlying philosophy of yoga. This approach to yoga is accessible to everyone regardless of age, flexibility, fitness or previous yoga experience.

James' teaching is informed by many years of study of the history and culture of yoga which gives context and meaning to its manifold practices.

James creates a space for yoga which is inclusive and non-competitive. He believes that yoga is a gradual process of contemplation in which flexibility and physical prowess are eclipsed by the greater purpose of acceptance and self-enquiry.